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Cassandra User Frustrations and Improvement Suggestions

From a very civilized thread on such a delicate topic:

  • The API is horrible and it produces pointlessly verbose code in    addition to being utterly confusing.  EVERYTHING takes a lot of time to    implement with Cassandra, and to be frank, it is incredibly tiring.  For    this reason alone I no longer recommend Cassandra.  If you want an example, pick up the O’Reilly book on Cassandra and look through the examples.  Such MASSIVE amounts of code for doing nearly NOTHING.  This is ridiculous.     Didn’t this strike anyone else as ridiculous?  It should have!
  • You need to have official client libraries and they need to be    programmer friendly.  Yes, I know there are nice people maintaining a    plethora of different libraries, but you need to man up and face reality:     the chaos that is the Cassandra client space is a horrible mess.
  • It is buggy and the solution seems to be to just go to the next    release. And the next. And the next. Which would be okay if you could    upgrade all the time, but what to do once you hit production?

Eric Evan’s reply is a must read too.

Before wondering why I’m posting it, there are a couple of things to be learned by everyone in the NoSQL space:

  • even if each NoSQL database has different goals and solves different problems, simplicity of usage should never be ignored
  • documentation, APIs, and libraries are key to adoption
  • not everyone has the budget and time to contribute to open source. Some are in only for using these tools. And the general expectation is to find friendly solutions.

Original title and link: Cassandra User Frustrations and Improvement Suggestions (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)