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MongoDB in the Amazon Cloud

A discussion on the MongoDB group about EBS snapshot backups of journaled MongoDB reminded me of a Jared Rosoff’s slides “MongoDB on EC2 and EBS” covering many important aspects of running MongoDB on the Amazon cloud:

  • MongoDB components and their requirements

    MongoDB components

  • deployment options and corresponding Amazon EC2 instance types

    MongoDB and Amazon EC2 instance types

  • operating systems, specific configurations, and operational advise:

    • deployment automation
    • backups and restoration
    • security
  • deployment scenarios:

    • 3-node replica set
    • 2-nodes + arbiter
    • multi-datacenter (availability zone) 3-node replica set
    • sharded MongoDB

While tempting, running databases in the cloud is not as simple as Amazon makes it sound. Reddit felt that with their Cassandra and PostgreSQL deployment.

Original title and link: MongoDB in the Amazon Cloud (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)