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6 Valid Questions for Every (NoSQL) Project

The ILoggable blog is asking 6 extremely interesting questions that I think everyone should try to answer before deciding on using a new storage solution being it NoSQL or not.

  1. Can you troubleshoot performance problems?

    Every RDBMS has some kind of profiling tool and process list.

  2. What about concurrency on non-key accesses?

  3. What tools to you have to recover a corrupted data file?

    Another set of tools you are guaranteed to find with any RDBMS are utilities for recovering corrupted data and index files.

  4. What’s your backup strategy?

    Most DBs have non-blocking DB dumps. Almost all have replication. Both are valid mechanisms.

  5. How do you know your replicas are working?

    do you have the tools to ensure that your replicas are up to date and didn’t get the corruption replicated into them?

  6. Do your sysadmins share your comfort level?

    If you don’t think you need to care about the above questions, chances are you have others doing it for you.

Do you have an answer to these questions for your preferred NoSQL project?