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NoSQL Week in Review 13

This last week has been pretty intense over here on MyNoSQL.

We have learned that we never have enough Twitter related NoSQL-based apps, but also some very geeky tricks like using Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine with MongoDB or creating HBase secondary indexes.

We have continued our series of CouchDB tips with two new tips: CouchDB List Functions and CouchDB: Intercepting Document Updates and Server-Side Processing.

We also had a great Redis presentation, learned about another Redis Usecase and also identified an emerging NoSQL usecase.

Last, but definitely not least, this week marked our first exclusive interview with Ryan King, the storage lead at Twitter, about Twitter adoption of Cassandra. But this is not all, so let’s get to out weekly sections.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Cassandra @ Twitter: An Interview with Ryan King
  2. Presentation: Redis - REmote DIctionary Server by Ezra Zygmuntowicz
  3. Presentation: What every developer should know about database scalability
  4. NoSQL Protocols Are Important
  5. NoSQL and RDBMS: Learn from Others’ Experience

The exclusive interview about Twitter’s plans to use Cassandra has also resurfaced some older but good Cassandra articles and presentations: Presentation: Cassandra in Production @ Digg, Cassandra gets (better) documentation, but not only: 8 reasons you should like CouchDB… and not only, Translate SQL to MongoDB MapReduce or MongoDB Durability: a tradeoff to be aware of.

New NoSQL Releases

This last week we have registered only a minor version upgrade from MongoDB. The new MongoDB version 1.2.3 is a recommended production ready version which fixed a couple of issues in the last releases:

  • indexing memory usage fix
  • _id lookup fix on capped collections
  • mixed size update fix for replication

You can read more about it ☞ here.

Update: As Sergio Bossa pointed out in the comments, I have missed the Terrastore 0.4.2 release which brings an interesting new feature: event management. For details about it and its usage you should read the ☞ release notes.

NoSQL Week in Review

And with that, I wish you all a great NoSQL week!