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Petabyte Reliable DNA Storage

The abstract of the report “Towards practical, high-capacity, low-maintenance information storage in synthesized DNA“:

This challenge has focused some interest on DNA as an attractive target for information storage because of its capacity for high- density information encoding, longevity under easily achieved conditions and proven track record as an information bearer. […]We encoded computer files totalling 739 kilobytes of hard-disk storage and with an estimated Shannon information10 of 5.2x10^6 bits into a DNA code, synthesized this DNA, sequenced it and reconstructed the original files with 100% accuracy.

The article is behind the paywall, but Gizmodo writes the the results published:

[…] they can store 2.2 petabytes of information in a single gram of DNA, and recover it with 100 percent accuracy.

Original title and link: Petabyte Reliable DNA Storage (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)