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Videos from MongoUK Event Thanks to SkillsMatter

10gen continued its MongoDB popularization tour around the world with three events in Europe: London, Paris, and Berlin. SkillsMatter, the organizers of MongoUK have recorded all the sessions and made them available here

Here is the list of the talks:

  • Welcome by Eliot Horowitz
  • Nosh Petigara: Building your 1st MongoDB application
  • Richard Kreuter: Mastering the MongoDB shell
  • Meghan Gill: MongoDB community resources
  • Richard Kreuter: Schema design: data as documents
  • Mathias Stearn: MongoDB Internals: Storage Engine
  • Graham Tackley: MongoDB at the Guardian
  • Russell Smith: Geo & Capped collections with MongoDB
  • Richard Kreuter: Indexing and Query Optimizer
  • Geoff Watts: BSON and ZMQ
  • Mathias Stearn: Administration
  • Eliot Horowitz: Open Q&A with Eliot Horowitz
  • Ashok Subramanian & Stephen Rose: Project Phoenix
  • Phillipp Krenn: Morphia: MongoDB for Java Developers
  • Eliot Horowitz: Scaling with MongoDB
  • Neil Bertlett: MongoDB as a backing store of Eclipse MF
  • Nosh Petigara: Deployment strategies
  • David Mytton: Monitoring MongoDB
  • Eliot Horowitz: MongoDB Project Roadmap

Original title and link: Videos from MongoUK Event Thanks to SkillsMatter (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)