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VoltDB Hits Proverbial Version 3.0

Andrew Brust for ZDNet:

In the software world, many people believe that products reach true maturity and value in their third version. A first release is about bringing an idea to market, and second releases act to stabilize the first. But it’s “v3” that really incorporates refinements that reflect user feedback and market lessons learned. It seems to me that “NewSQL” database player VoltDB is following that pattern with its own 3.0 release.

There’re no such things as a proverbial version 3.0, nor a pattern about the meaning of version 3. Anyways, congrats to the VoltDB guys!

If you want to know what’s in VoltDB 3.0, ignore the linked post and go read Introducing VoltDB 3.0 on VoltDB blog. Short version: more performance, improved SQL support, support for JSON-encoded data and defining indexes for JSON columns.

Original title and link: VoltDB Hits Proverbial Version 3.0 (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)