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Big Data and the 3 vs (Volume, Variety, Velocity) From a Duality Perspective

Erik Meijer and Sadek Drobi discuss applying the theory of duality to Big Data’s 3Vs: volume, variety, velocity:

Now we have these three Vs, we know that they are all dual, but the three together give you a design space like a cube of data, so there is a cube of big data where there is eight points that you can look at and each of these eight points there are interesting databases, and time is now too short to going into the details, I have a CACM paper and an ACM Queue paper about this, but each of these points there are existing databases that fits on there.

I watched the video and also read the transcript. Twice.

Original title and link: Big Data and the 3 vs (Volume, Variety, Velocity) From a Duality Perspective (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)