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A CEO (Confusing) Perspective on Hadoop, Big Data, and NoSQL Databases Market

This article authored by the CEO of MapR left me scratching my head and wondering if I’m watching the same market:

Hadoop has distanced itself from MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and the plethora of NoSQL options to become the safe choice.

In what scenarios does Hadoop compete directly with Cassandra, Couchbase, or MongoDB?

Support for Cassandra has dropped off, with Facebook reducing it’s investment in the technology and the realization that an eventual consistency model is appropriate for only a limited set of use cases. MongoDB’s growth has flattened despite having a friendly programming environment due to lack of scalability.

What real market data supports the above statements?

One application that is particularly well suited for HBase is BLOB stores, which require large databases with rapid retrieval. BLOBS — binary large objects — are typically images, audio clips or other multimedia objects, and storing BLOBs in a database enables a variety of innovative applications.

Is HBase as a BLOB store really a common scenario? What makes HBase a better solution for BLOB storage than say distributed file systems?

Hadoop will be used more in real-time and lightweight OLTP applications

What definitions of real-time, lightweight, and OLTP are used to make the above statement even remotely correct?

Someone volunteering to help me understand?

Original title and link: A CEO (Confusing) Perspective on Hadoop, Big Data, and NoSQL Databases Market (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)