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Cassandra + Hadoop = Brisk by DataStax

I just heard the announcement DataStax, the company offering Cassandra services, made about Brisk a Hadoop and Hive distribution built on top of Cassandra:

Brisk provides integrated Hadoop MapReduce, Hive and job and task tracking capabilities, while providing an HDFS-compatible storage layer powered by Cassandra.

Brisk was announced officially during the MapReduce panel at Structure Big Data event. But it looks like others have already had a chance to hear about Brisk — is there something that I should be doing to hear the “unofficial” announcements?

DataStax has also made available a whitepaper: “Evolving Hadoop into a Low-Latency Data Infrastructure: Unifying Hadoop, Hive and Apache Cassandra for Real-time and Analytics” that you can download from here

Original title and link: Cassandra + Hadoop = Brisk by DataStax (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)