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NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-22

  1. Friday is party time CouchDB style: “Bay area friends of CouchDB: We invite you to the @couchio office warming party this Friday”
  2. It’s official: Cassandra is now a top Apache project
  3. New video from NoSQL@FOSDEM: George James: GT.M and OpenStreetMap
  4. From PyCon: chooses Python, TurboGears and MongoDB to Redesign their Web Site. Slides ☞ here (PDF)
  5. New video from NoSQL@FOSDEM: Rob Tweed: MDB and MDBX: Open Source SimpleDB Projects based on GTM
  6. Just heard about VertexDB: a graph database on top of Tokyo Cabinet with HTTP/JSON support. I’d love to hear if anyone is using it.