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How Scalable is VoltDB?

Percona guys[1] have run, analyzed, and concluded about VoltDB scalability:

VoltDB is very scalable; it should scale to 120 partitions, 39 servers, and 1.6 million complex transactions per second at over 300 CPU cores

Considering the definition: “A system whose performance improves after adding hardware, proportionally to the capacity added, is said to be a scalable system.”, the conclusion should be slightly updated:

VoltDB can scale up to 120 partitions on 39 servers with 300 CPU cores and 1.6 million TPS.

Bottom line:

  • if you can fit your data into 40 servers’ memory
  • you need ACID and SQL
  • you are OK precompiled Java based stored procedures
  • you don’t need multi data center deployments

now you can estimate how far you can go with VoltDB.

  1. The company specialized on MySQL services and behind the MySQL Performance Blog  

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