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MySQL Delayed Replication - Making a Slave Deliberately Lag Behind a Master

Tony Darnell explains in which use cases and how to configure delayed replication, a feature available in MySQL 5.6:

  1. Scenario #1 – To protect against user mistakes on the master. A DBA can roll back a delayed slave to the time just before the disaster.
  2. Scenario #2 – To test how the system behaves when there is a lag. For example, in an application, a lag might be caused by a heavy load on the slave. However, it can be difficult to generate this load level. Delayed replication can simulate the lag without having to simulate the load. It can also be used to debug conditions related to a lagging slave.
  3. Scenario #3 – To inspect what the database looked like long ago, without having to reload a backup. For example, if the delay is one week and the DBA needs to see what the database looked like before the last few days’ worth of development, the delayed slave can be inspected.

The first time I’ve heard about intentional delayed replication was a couple of months ago from an ex-DBA guy. My first thought was: “are you kidding me? Everyone in the databases world tries to make the replication as fast as possible and you want delays???”. After a few seconds of what probably looked to be stupid silence, it clicked. I realized there could be use cases of this weird feature. The guy also taught me about similar scenarios as the ones above.

Mat Keep

Original title and link: MySQL Delayed Replication - Making a Slave Deliberately Lag Behind a Master (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)