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Storing Tree Like Hierarchy Structures With MongoDB

Vyacheslav Voronenko expands a bit on the Model tree structures in MongoDB article and provides some code snippets for common operations:

In a real life almost any project deals with the tree structures. Different kinds of taxonomies, site structures etc require modelling of hierarhy relations. In this article I will illustrate using first three of five typical approaches of operateting with hierarchy data on example of the MongoDB database. Those approaches are:

  • Model Tree Structures with Child References
  • Model Tree Structures with Parent References
  • Model Tree Structures with an Array of Ancestors
  • Model Tree Structures with Materialized Paths
  • Model Tree Structures with Nested Sets

The 2nd part of the article is available here and all the code is on GitHub

Original title and link: Storing Tree Like Hierarchy Structures With MongoDB (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)