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CouchDB, TouchDB, PouchDB…

Calvin Metcalf writes about PouchDB, which is neither TouchDB nor CouchDB:

Before we discus PouchDB we’re going to need to talk about CouchDB which Pouch is based on. […] So one of the issues with CouchDB is that Erlang…well lets just say people have mixed feelings about it, which lead to pretty quickly, CouchDB compatible Databases, Big Couch from Cloudant which you can cluster, TouchDB is a version written in Objective-C targeting embedded apps, and then we have PouchDB.

Hurry as you may run out of names: AouchDB, BouchDB, DouchDB, EouchDB, FouchDB, GouchDB, HouchDB, IouchDB, JouchDB, KouchDB, LouchDB, MouchDB, NouchDB, QouchDB, RouchDB, SouchDB, UouchDB, VouchDB, WouchDB, XouchDB, YouchDB, ZouchDB. For special requests we could expand to using unicode and emoji.

Original title and link: CouchDB, TouchDB, PouchDB… (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)