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RavenDB 2.0 Is Out: Over 6 Months of Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

Briefly announced by Ayende yesterday, RavenDB’s 2.0 list of improvements and bug fixes is quite long. Digging through his blog, I’ve found this old post summarizing the most interesting features in RavenDB 2.0:

  1. drastically improved RavenDB Management Studio
  2. improved operational support—more monitoring data exposed through performance monitors and logs
  3. core bundles
  4. Changes() API: a feature that allows subscribing to change events. If you are familiar with CouchDB, this sounds like _changes.
  5. Async API
  6. Eval patching: running JS scripts serever side against stored objects
  7. more authentication options & control
  8. Indexing optimizations
  9. Improved map/reduce, facets, IN queries, and sharding
  10. Support for JOINs

Original title and link: RavenDB 2.0 Is Out: Over 6 Months of Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)