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11 Big-Data Analytics Predictions for 2011

Maybe I’m over-simplifying it, but I’m reading Ketan Karia’s[1] “11 BigData analytics predictions for 2011” as in:

  • hardware will be pushing BigData analytics forward — software will just catch up and follow hardware lead
  • 2011 will bring more BigData analytics adoption which also means analytics companies will be more profitable

Here are the original 11 predictions:

  1. We’ll hark the chips, not the hardware

    Many companies keep throwing hardware (especially more servers) at the problem, and the chip industry’s enormous investment in computer performance continues to sit idly by.

  2. Chip scale-out will date MPP and shrink big data networks.

    […] we are going to have the capability to run 256 or 512 cores on a single chip. If companies can do that, it will shrink the amount of hardware required to fuel the big data networks.

  3. Memory will go RAM.

    As the core density of chips and the RAM size keeps rising dramatically, total in-memory data warehouses are now feasible.

  4. Chip companies will spend more on R&D in 2011

    It will become more common place for engineers to stay in tune with chip technology advancements as they build out their solutions to manage and leverage huge volumes of business data.

  5. Acceleration of analytics will support the agile enterprise

    Analytics technologies will help businesses be more agile and will become a key business differentiator in 2011 and beyond.

  6. Businesses will sponsor their own analytical capabilities

  7. Analytics gets more embedded into business applications

  8. Open source moves to more hybrid models.

    Hybrid models are being used by companies including JasperSoft, SugarCRM, and Ingres (with our VectorWise database).

  9. Subscriptions stack up by the hour.

  10. Self-service BI gets more attention.

    In 2011, companies will have to accelerate report delivery.

  11. Users want to be “in the moment” with data insights

What is the definition of “prediction”? A guess or a bet or an educated thought?

  1. Ketan Karia: Chief Marketing Officer and senior vice president at Ingres  

Original title and link: 11 Big-Data Analytics Predictions for 2011 (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)