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Release: Project Voldemort 0.80 - Backward compatibility restored and BDB upgrade

Project Voldemort has released version 0.80 which features among other small improvements and bug fixes two important changes:

  • restoring backward compatibility in the wire protocol between client and server (this incompatibility was introduced with the Voldemort release 0.60

    A backwards incompatibility in the wire protocol was found between releases 0.60 to 0.70.1 and releases prior to 0.60. We chose to make 0.80 compatible with 0.57.1 and earlier versions, while introducing an incompatibility with 0.60-0.70.1. What this means is that if you’re presently running 0.60 and higher, you would need to upgrade the Voldemort jar files on all servers and clients.

  • an upgrade of the BDB storage engine to the latest version (BerkleyDB-JE 4.0.92)

You can find the complete release notes ☞ here.