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Tokyo Promenade: A Content Management System on top of Tokyo Cabinet

I didn’t know that Mikio Hirabayashi, the creator of Tokyo Cabinet and Kyoto Cabinet, the successor of Tokyo Cabinet is also offering GNU licensed content management system: ☞ Tokyo Promenade that runs on top of Tokyo Cabinet.

According to the main page, Tokyo Promenade offers the following features:

  • simple and logical user interface : aims at conciseness like LaTeX
  • high accessibility : complying with XHTML 1.0 and considering WCAG 1.0
  • hybrid data structure : available as BBS, blog, and Wiki
  • sufficient functionality : supports user management and file management
  • high performance : uses embedded database, Tokyo Cabinet
  • lightweight : implemented by C99 and without any dependency on other libraries

Now I don’t know how many would still be willing to run CGI based content management systems, but they”ll at least have Tokyo Cabinet as its storage.