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Reports Indicate That Part of Your Business Algorithm Is Executed by Humans

Jay Kreps1 had a very interesting follow up to the GigaOM’s article Why big data might be more about automation than insights :

That article reminded me how immature people’s thinking about the use of data is. They are still thinking about “reports”. Reports indicate that that part of your business algorithm that is executed by a human. When you understand it well enough, whatever you are doing looking at a report a computer can do better and faster. But the real advantage is that computers can disaggregate decisions humans make into many many individual cases and be far more accurate.

The algorithms is:

  1. add instrumentation
  2. visualzie data
  3. turn visualization into a report
  4. automate reaction to report
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  1. Jay Kreps is working at LinkedIn in the SNA team. 

Original title and link: Reports Indicate That Part of Your Business Algorithm Is Executed by Humans (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)