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Couchbase Server: What is This First Release?

You’ve probably read everywhere about the Couchbase Server first release.

But what is this first release of Couchbase Server?

J. Chris Anderson[1] has been kind enough to answer this question:

  1. Today’s Couchbase server release is more or less just a clean build of the current Apache CouchDB including GeoCouch.

    In the future we may release code before it makes it through the full Apache release process, but before we do that we want to get our Q/A infrastructure up and running.

    The current version does not include yet any of the Membase elastic features. Nor does it support yet memcached protocol.

  2. In the near future there will be a release offering CouchDB Map Reduce views with the Membase speed and scalability, and memcached API.

    This is a huge value for existing Membase and memcached users, as now they will be able to query what they have stored, not just retrieve it by key.

  3. In the long run we will have a combined product that supports the CouchDB HTTP API as well as Membase’s memcapable API.

    Currently Membase has a strong set of clustering tools, but it is a plain key value store. By adding CouchDB query-ability to it, Membase users see value. A subset of CouchDB users will see value in our initial release (worry free scalability), but it won’t be until the integration work is done later this year that we offer elastic support to the full HTTP CouchDB API.

About Couchbase Server

  1. J.Chris Anderson: CouchDB committer, Couchone founder, Chief architect of mobile at Couchbase, @jchris  

  2. James Phillips: Co-founder and SVP Products for Couchbase  

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