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NoSQL Week in Review 11

I decided to start a bit differently this new edition of NoSQL week in review. I keep hearing (over Twitter, at the conferences and on blog posts) that people are interested in learning more about this “whole NoSQL thing”. I wholeheartly agree with what ☞ Yehuda Katz formulated so well:

It’s easy to spit out “” or RTFM, but in truth, these beginners barely know where to look. All too often, we assume that if someone couldn’t figure out the right search term on Google, they can never become a viable community member.

So why not helping the NoSQL “noobs”? I bet that if you are reading this, you have at least 5 friends that would love to know more about NoSQL. So why not sharing it with them and help them get started with NoSQL? This way the NoSQL community over here on MyNoSQL will grow and we will all benefit from each others’ experience.

Now that I took this weight off my heart, we can continue with our weekly sections.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Integrating MongoDB with Solr
  2. Your Chance to review the FOSDEM NoSQL Event
  3. Google’s MapReduce patent and the future of Hadoop and CouchDB
  4. Seeking a Database That Doesn’t Suck
  5. Redis gets a web interface: Redweb

By looking at the above list (which is based on your feedback), I’d also suggest a couple of related posts:

New NoSQL Releases

I have counted 7 releases over the last couple of weeks (see ) so it was somehow normal to expect things to slow down a bit. But we still have 2 minor releases:

Terrastore 0.4.1 

From the release announcement:

Terrastore 0.4.1 has been released, providing important bug fixes and two enhancements/features:

  • Improved logging for both master and server nodes, and easy configuration of server logs.
  • New backup import/export APIs.

MongoDB Development 1.3.2 

From the release announcement:

Notable changes:

  • background index creation
  • $addToSet
    • better handling for restarting slaves offline for a while
    • enhancements to serverStatus - counters/replication lage
    • make index creation use less memory
    • option for separate directory per db

NoSQL Week in Review

With that I wish you all a great NoSQL week! And do start sharing your MyNoSQL secret with at least 5 friends!