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Perspectives on Big Data by Werner Vogels

The engineering perspective:

Big Data: when your data sets become so large that you have to start innovating how to collect, store, organize, analyze and share it

The business perspective:

Big Data equals competitive advantage. If only they could process all the data they have or that they feel they are sitting on top of that is actually something that could give them a competitive advantage.

Big Data: bigger is better

Alon Halevy, Peter Norvig, and Fernando Pereira called this the unreasonable effectiveness of data

Big Data: collecting more data without prior knowledge of what questions will be asked. Or even knowing what algorithms will be used.

Werner Vogels’ says the uncertainty about how much data is collected and what resources will be needed to process it is what marries Big Data with cloud computing: “Big data requires no-limit”.

From Werner Vogels’ talk at Strata 2011

Original title and link: Perspectives on Big Data by Werner Vogels (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)