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NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-11

  1. A presentation about Redis and Resque (a background processing framework)
  2. Riak gets a new Ruby client: ripple and generates a lot of buzz about it
  3. AltDB instead of NoSQL? Not so bad IMO
  4. The Neo4j database has no built in support for spatial data, but it looks like it is coming:
  5. The preferred MongoDB C# library mongodb-csharp is introducing a fluent interface to map/reduce
  6. Nothing fancy, but fair observations:

    For a customer we have developed log analytics software. It’s currently uses MYSQL as the database backend. The system reads in a hourly log file, and calculates all kinds of fancy statistics. I wanted to see how the system would work if I used MongoDB, a schema-less document DB, instead of MYSQL.

    ☞ MongoDB first impressions