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LoveSeat: An Alternative to CouchDB Futon

Even if Windows only (note: check the comment thread for more details), it is exciting to see tools added to the CouchDB toolkit. And I do agree that sometimes instead of trying to bend an existing tool do the job you want it can be easier to build your own. Just think of it this way: it is in fact the whole philosophy behind NoSQL: instead of bending existing tools, we got these exciting new tools to our toolbox.

LoveSeat’s goals are:

getting out of utf-8 cr-lf hell, avoid having to escape quote strings, and avoid having to manually tweak json docs.

With the current version the following features are supported:

  • connect to a database
  • browse the databases
  • design documents within a database
  • CRUD design docs
  • call views
LoveSeat: CouchDB Futon Alternative

In case you want to try out LoveSeat, source code is available on ☞ GitHub