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Seeking a Database That Doesn't Suck

Wow! I don’t think he left out anything. While some of the points raised in the post may be generally valid, writing something like that without stating at least what you are trying to achieve sounds like a link baiting post and kind of invalidates everything written.


[…] the current version is stricly memory-based.

The API could do with a tidy-up too;


[…] its memory handling is lousy; while it’s not explicitly memory-based, I wouldn’t want to run it on anything but a dedicated physical server with more memory than my total database size


Written in Erlang, which is always a warning sign.

I write map/reduce functions in JavaScript and send them to the server. In what universe is that an improvement on SQL?


Nothing wrong with it, but not a good fit

Project Voldemort:

Pure evil. No, wait.

That’s a very useful thing, but I need defined ordering


This is Facebook’s distributed hash table thingy (it’s like the old days when every server company designed their own CPU)


It’s a Java/XML datastore from the Apache Foundation. Uh-uh. I’ve used ActiveMQ guys. You can’t fool me twice.


Bleah. […] Clear? Right. Not interested at all.

And he goes on.

I thought for a moment that suggesting to read MyNoSQL would help, but right now I am not so sure. I am not even sure he is really looking for help or just trying to find a reason for creating his own storage solution.