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Google’s MapReduce patent and the future of Hadoop and CouchDB

I am trying to be a bit more balanced and cautious[1], ask for details[2] and wait for some proof before saying anything that sounds so radical as the title or this quote:

It is slightly scary for these players especially the users of the Hadoop and the CouchDb projects

Update: On the other hand while I’ll probably agree with something like the below quote, I’d really like to start seeing around “official” positions related to this patent. Patents may not be an issue for those already knowing the NoSQL environment, but it is an issue for all newbies and it will hurt NoSQL adoption (note if you check sites like Slashdot, Reddit, Hacker News or Digg, you’ll notice immediately what I’m talking about).

CouchDB: my Map Reduce is so much more awesome than Google’s it’s not even funny. The patent is not an issue.[3]