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NoSQL Week in Review 10

It is just a bit over 2 months since I have published the first article on MyNoSQL, as a way to follow and learn more about the NoSQL world. At that moment I wasn’t really imagining that in such a short interval there will be almost 200 posts, or that there will be a NoSQL week in review series published on a regular basis, or a NoSQL libraries page tracking more than 100 libraries, or a daily NoSQL ecosystem news. But what I haven’t really imagined is that there will be so many people out there that will start reading MyNoSQL and make me want to do more and better. I accepted the challenge and now it is my goal to make MyNoSQL the best place on the internet to follow the NoSQL movement and learn the NoSQL secrets.

Anyway, I don’t think there can be a community without listening to what it needs. So, please do not hesitate to tell me:

  • what I am doing wrong
  • what I should be doing differently
  • what interests you most
  • what you’d like to see more or differently

And don’t be shy! Share with others your experience and point of views. That’s what will make MyNoSQL a lot more interesting for everyone.

Last week, in my attempt to provide the best NoSQL coverage, I’ve presented you with the NoSQL ecosystem news. So far I’d say it was well received, but right now I don’t have enough data to really identify what have been hot from the community point of view. I’ll continue to watch it carefully and if it will show up some good trends I’ll make sure these will be included in the NoSQL weekly review.

And with this, we can get back to our weekly sections.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Grails and NoSQL
  2. Comparing OODB and NoSQL
  3. Charts with Redis and RaphaelJS
  4. Quick reference to latest MongoDB, Project Voldemort, Terrastore, and Riak
  5. Sensationalism and PR in the NoSQL World

It was really interesting to see the Grails and NoSQL post taking the top position. But once I took a step back, I’ve seen things a bit clearer: the Grails community is interested in NoSQL and once they’ve seen the post it spread around a lot. As a side note, that’s exactly what you should be doing with the posts you are enjoying! I think the widget added last week should make sharing quite simple, even if we are referring to Twitter, Delicious or simply emails.

New NoSQL Releases

Last week was probably the most active I’ve seen with 6 NoSQL releases. So while I was expecting a very quiet week in terms of releases, Basho guys surprised us with the release of Riak 0.8, which includes the very exciting support for Javascript MapReduce.

NoSQL Week in Review

Have a great NoSQL week!