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Hosted Riak With Riak-On

First let me welcome Riak ON!, the first company planning to offer a hosted Riak solution or Riak-as-a-Service.

Second, I’d like to ask for your help in answering the question that pops into my mind everytime I’m thinking about Data-as-a-Service: leaving aside the benefits of managed services, what are the scenarios in which a Data-as-a-Service can be used when the application layer is not colocated1?

  1. A different way to formulate this question is: what apps can tolerate the WAN latency and network failures? Obviously these questions do not apply to services like Amazon Web Services or Heroku or dotCloud which offer you both Data-as-a-Service and a PaaS or IaaS. 

Original title and link: Hosted Riak With Riak-On (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)