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EDW vs Hasoop or the EDW Is a Relic vs EDW Will Trhive

Two strong opinions about the future of Hadoop and Enterprise Data warehouses from Ben Werther1 and Scott Gnau2:

Ben Wether: The proposition of the enterprise data warehouse seems tantalizing — unfying all the data in your enterprise into one perfect database.

Scott Gnau: The core argument really comes down to a couple of points: 1. Data Warehouses are too “rigid and inflexible”, and 2. The “community” will fix all of the limitations of Hadoop.

The way I see this debate is many fold:

  1. agile vs waterfall
  2. experimentation vs modeling
  3. discovery vs proven
  4. costs and speed of getting started
  5. efficiency and maintenance costs

  1. Ben Werther: Founder & CEO Platfora 

  2. Scott Gnau: President Teradata Labs 

Original title and link: EDW vs Hasoop or the EDW Is a Relic vs EDW Will Trhive (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)