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Node.js + NoSQL Database => Real Time Chat Applications

Just in case you still don’t believe that everyone — and I mean everyone — is building a “chat” application using node.js and some flavor of NoSQL database, here is another one: chattrr. It uses node.js and Redis and the code is available on GitHub.

From the Reddit thread:

baudehlo: Neat idea, but the code is horrible… You should modularise it, add some gaps between some of the lines and comment on what parts are doing. It’s a big muddle right now.

pretzel: Its not horrible, it’s just grown beyond what it was originally meant to do without being restructured. It’s something that is going to be done…

If you plan to use any of these to get you started with node.js — please do that instead of creating yet another one — make sure to choose carefully.

Original title and link: Node.js + NoSQL Database => Real Time Chat Applications (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)