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Release: HBase 0.20.3 brings 84 bug fixes and improvements

Even if a minor release in terms of version, the HBase 0.20.3 has fixed around 50 bugs, has at least 15 improvements and 3 new features (nb I know that these number do not add up to the 84 mentioned in the title, but there are additional issues I haven’t counted).

The changelog [1] is not detailed enough to allow me to identify the most important ones, so I hope someone from the HBase team will take the time to either blog about it or comment here on MyNoSQL to make things a bit clearer for the readers.

On a side note, HBase is not the only one making this somehow quiet release accompanied only by a “cryptic” changelog. Cassandra has had a very exciting release in terms of features but it went out pretty quiet. Anyway, as a MyNoSQL reader, you can find more details about it here.

Considering Cassandra and HBase are the most important column stores, I’d really love to see more “noise” around them. I am pretty sure that their communities will benefit a lot, not to mention everyone else keeping them under observation.