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NoSQL Week in Review 8

Without any further ado, we will start this week’s NoSQL review directly with our what’s hot in the NoSQL world section.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Kyoto Cabinet: The successor of Tokyo Cabinet
  2. Hadoop, NY Times and Open Source Libraries
  3. Presentation: Graphs && Neo4j => teh awesome!
  4. Usecase: NoSQL-based Blogs
  5. Two presentations about MongoDB

There are some interesting remarks I’d like to make based on this last week hot topics list.

Firstly, it looks like even if there is no sign of a strong community behind Tokyo Cabinet (not to mention the lack of fresh content), Tokyo Cabinet has quite a few users that are interested in its future. At the moment it is not clear if Kyoto Cabinet marks the end of life of Tokyo Cabinet or is just an experiment that once in a more stable phase will provide a migration path for existing Tokyo Cabinet users.

Secondly, even if Google has been granted a patent for his MapReduce — a topic I have refrained from commenting so far, Hadoop adoption is growing fast. The old NY Times story, even if extremely interesting, is getting some good challengers: Hadoop and Oracle Parallel Processing.

Thirdly, even if usecases like Twitter applications or clones and blogs are considered too basic, they are fulfilling an important role in NoSQL adoption by providing clear and simple to follow examples.

New NoSQL Releases

  • Redis, which launched the 1.2.0 version the other week, has pushed out a minor bugfix release ☞ 1.2.1.
  • MongoDB has released a new development version: ☞ 1.3.1, which is not production ready.
  • As we mentioned in our brief NoSQL news Project Voldemort has pushed out the first RC of the upcoming version including the rebalancing feature.

There have been quite a few NoSQL libraries updates being published this week and I’m planning to cover the most important ones in an post early next week.

NoSQL Week in Review

These last couple of days and next week, I (and implicitly MyNoSQL) will go through an important test: how is it to maintain MyNoSQL when my business requires me to travel and spend whole day in meetings. If you have hints and ideas on how to make it work please share them with me. And do not hesitate to let me know how am I doing (good or bad).

Have a great NoSQL week!