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If You Don’t Value Your Data, Someone Will

This is not about NoSQL or Big Data, just about the value of data and data privacy. From Forbes’s How A Company Takes Full Advantage Of Access To Your Facebook Information:

When you grant a company access to your Facebook profile, do you think about how it’ll use the info you’ll be handing over on an ongoing basis? […] A customer who uses Facebook Connect, for example, gives Nissen authorization to download info from their profiles, and get access to their list of friends, profile updates, and photos (depending on privacy settings).” All that info gets sucked up on an ongoing basis and dumped into the company’s Teradata warehouse.

Keep in mind that all this data is personal. And that there’s no guarantee that those acquiring it are cleansing or anonyminzing it.

Original title and link: If You Don’t Value Your Data, Someone Will (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)