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Cloudata: New Open Source BigTable Implementation

Cloudata is the third open source implementation of Google’s BigTable paper, after HBase and Hypertable[1]. There’s already an 1.0 version even if the Github project page is listing just a couple of commits.

From the home page, Cloudata’s current features:

  • Basic data service
    • Single row operation(get, put)
    • Multi row operation(like, between, scanner)
    • Data uploader(DirectUploader)
    • MapReduce(TabletInputFormat)
    • Simple cloudata query and supports JDBC driver
  • Table Management
    • split
    • distribution
    • compaction
  • Utility
    • Web based Monitor
    • CLI Shell
  • Failover
    • Master failover
    • TabletServer failover
  • Change log Server
    • Reliable fast appendable change log server
  • Support language
    • Java, RESTful API, Thrift

I couldn’t figure out if this is just an experiment or if it actually plans to be a real project.

Update: Cloudata’s author, Jsjangg, mentions in the comment thread that Cloudata is used at for 2 years already running on a 20 machine cluster.

  1. See why I haven’t included Cassandra in this list in the comment thread.  

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