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Alex Sicular's Recap of Ricon 2012, a Distributed Systems Conference for Developers

While in conference mode1 I’m like a sponge, I’m almost no good at putting all my chaotic notes in a format that is usable to anyone else.

Alex Siculars has done a great job writing down his thoughts about Basho’s fantastic Ricon 2012 and linking to his post makes me feel less guilty for not being able to post mines—I’m learning to get better for the next events:

Chatter by conference attendees left me convinced that Ricon was a success. Ricon was-well executed, well-attended and actually interesting. But more importantly, it was relevant. For those of us at the conference, we actually work in this space. We are interested in the ongoing development of distributed solutions to a number of problems. The conference delivered on creating a space that brought us together to share solutions and learn about continuing advancements. For a new conference to have a successful maiden voyage is no small feat in my book. I, for one, am looking forward to the next one.

My only contribution to Alex Sicular’s great recap is to provide some links to the talks his blog post refers to:

Joe Hellerstein: Programming Principles for a Distributed Era

The PDF can be downloaded from here

Eric Brewer: Advancing Distributed Systems

Russel Brown and Sean Cribbs: Data Structures in Riak

Bryan Fink: Riak Pipe: Distributed Processing System

Ryan Zezeski: Yokozuna: Riak + Solr

More presentation slides can be found on the official Ricon 2012 site.

  1. My thanks again to the Basho team for inviting me to Ricon 2012 and also to DataStax team for the Cassandra Summit invitation. 

Original title and link: Alex Sicular’s Recap of Ricon 2012, a Distributed Systems Conference for Developers (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)