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10gen Transitioning From Startup to Corporation

I’ve spent most of my career in startups or small companies, that sometimes interacted with large corporation. I’ve also worked a couple of years within a large corporation. But I’ve never been through the transition from startup to corporation.

This is the phase 10gen, the company behind MongoDB, is in right now and they are hiring positions like VP of business development (Ed Albanese, ex-Cloudera), VP of corporate strategy (Matt Asay, ex-Nodeable, Alfresco, Canonical), and VP of services and product management (Ron Avnur, ex-MarkLogic).

In his first post for 10gen, Matt Asay cites 10gen president Max Schireson:

By far our most important competitor is Oracle. After that it’s Oracle, Oracle and Oracle. I see other NoSQL players such as DataStax [distributor of Apache’s Cassandra] and CouchDB as comrades in arms in the battle to persuade people that the answer does not have to be Oracle.

Original title and link: 10gen Transitioning From Startup to Corporation (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)