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Brief NoSQL News

  1. Cassandra is getting closer to release the 0.5.0 version that will bring a ton of improvements. As far as I can tell it will be the first Cassandra release that we will have the chance to cover here on MyNoSQL.
  2. Neo4j is also getting closer to finally release the 1.0 version. After the neo4j 1.0-b11, the guys have released an RC, so I expect the final release to follow shortly.
  3. Project Voldemort is preparing to release the 0.70 version which will bring the much awaited rebalancing feature. The previous Project Voldemort release has been preparing the ground for this exciting feature.
  4. Terrastore have been upgraded to use a new version of Terracotta and also refactored the internal communication protocol this leading to a 5x speedup. I guess the upcoming release will look quite nice.
  5. Last, but not least, Redis has released the 1.2.0 version. The new version provides quite a few new features, so a more detailed article about Redis 1.2.0 is in work.