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Some Cool NoSQL Utilities for Neo4j

Neo4j graph-algo

A library containing some common graph algorithms.

Most Recent in a Graph

An example of using a jo4neo annotation for retrieving graph nodes in LIFO order.

Indexing time and URI’s

We’ve learned that Neo4j uses Lucene for full text indexing. But sometimes you can construct indexes via relationships, resulting in a graph that can be stored by neo4j directly. Code available ☞ here.

Neo4j Performance Analysis

Not directly an utility, but understanding the performance of neo4j is important. Great explanation from Tobias Ivarsson (@thobe)

Last, even if not really a Neo4j utility, I’ve found this ☞ visualization of travel time quite nice. According to the credits section the project uses Neo4j and neo4jr-simple library.

And as you already know, we have a dedicated page to useful and cool NoSQL libraries!