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InfiniteGraph 1.1 Released with New Indexing Options

A new version of InfiniteGraph, the graph database from Objectivity, has been released with a new indexing solution offering improved performance for indexing, data imports, and lookups.

InfiniteGraph’s graph processing strengths are well suited to many applications, including those in intelligence, internet systems and services around social media, location based networking and personalization, discovering networks of people that have business, influence or other value, analysis of financial transactions to detect and prevent fraud, and in adding new capabilities to enterprise business intelligence (BI) systems.

For next releases, it sounds like a lot of work is already scheduled, InfiniteGraph’s team planning to focus on:

  • improving data import
  • parallel ingest capabilities leveraging the distributed processing strengths of InfiniteGraph
  • integrating with the open source Blueprints project
  • faster graph processing
  • range querying and geo-hashed indexes
  • options to relax InfiniteGraph’s fully ACID compliant consistency model

Things in the graph database space are getting more exciting by the day. Unfortunately compared to the other NoSQL databases categories, the top graph databases are all commercial products and I think this can be notice when looking at adoption rates.

Original title and link: InfiniteGraph 1.1 Released with New Indexing Options (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)