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Fun with the CouchDB _changes feed and RabbitMQ

Streaming notifications about CouchDB document updates using RabbitMQ.

What could it be used for? My first thought is some sort of parallel computation, boot up a few dozen EC2 nodes and start dumping data into CouchDB.

or it is just about having fun with some cool projects …

Update: I also found a presentation on a similar topic that I’ve embedded below RabbitMQ + CouchDB = Awesome by Lenz Gschwendtner.My impression is that the presented usecase works the other way around though (nb RabbitMQ pushing messages to CouchDB instead of RabbitMQ disseminating CouchDB messages

RabbitMQ + CouchDB = Awesome

Update: Based on this picture from Jan Lehnardt (@janl), I’d say there are a couple of _changes fanboys!

_changes fanboys