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NoSQL Week in Review 5

This is the fifth edition of the NoSQL week in review and even if that means there is only one month since MyNoSQL was born, we’ve already published over 100 articles, tracked 10 NoSQL releases and we have a dedicated page with NoSQL libraries.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Terrastore: A Consistent, Partitioned and Elastic Document Database
  2. Introduction to MongoDB Screencast
  3. A Case for Graph Databases
  4. The Beginning of an Interesting Friendship: MapReduce and RDBMS
  5. CouchDB Full Text Indexing

New NoSQL Releases

Judging by last week review, I was tempted to say that there will be no “New NoSQL Releases” section, but it looks like I was wrong:

NoSQL Week in Review

And because this is the period of the year we are expressing our wishes and setting our goals, here are mines:

  • post more timely content
  • make MyNoSQL more “interactive” so people will start sharing their experience with others
  • last, but probably the most important, make MyNoSQL the place to start, improve and perfect your NoSQL knowledge by posting the most notable NoSQL news, articles and links

Sending hints, contributing content or spreading the word about MyNoSQL are just some simple ways you can help right away!