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2009 Last NoSQL Releases

I guess these are the last releases for an eventful 2009 NoSQL year:

Mongo 1.2.1

Mongo 1.2.1 is just a minor release featuring the following bug fixes:

  • mongoimport now works on windows
  • gcc 4.4 can be used to compile
  • better map/reduce error handling

You can read the announcement ☞ here, the complete changelog ☞ here and download Mongo 1.2.1 from ☞ here.

In case you are planning on using MongoDB, I’d encourage you to check these MongoDB screencasts and all MongoDB coverage on MyNoSQL.

Terrastore 0.3

A day after our coverage of Terrastore, a consistent, partitioned and elastic document database, the 0.3 version was released featuring a much easier installation tool. You can read the announcement ☞ here. Sergio Bossa, Terrastore creator, has published a nice summary of what Terrastore is ☞ here.

Neo4j 1.0-b11

Last, but not least I should also mention ☞ Neo4j latest RC before 1.0. The case for graph databases should give you a quick understanding of why and when Neo4j can be a better fit for your app.

And with this, I am looking forward to more exciting NoSQL releases in 2010.