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Migrating Between Two Different Types of NoSQL Databases

Teacher asking a student:

After the Presentation the team leader asked me how it is, to migrate the db’s under various types. […] Can I migrate from a, key-value store db, like dynamo, to a, document store db, like mongoDB?

I’m not sure if this would have been reflected on the final grade, but I would have asked how many times did the teacher had to, really had to migrate data between multiple relational databases? And how many times it worked automatically? If allowed I’d have followed up with a very brief dialogue about the complexity of migrating applications to different programming languages (even when they use the same programming paradigm) and brought up examples of important differences of access and mutations of data structures. In the end I might have failed the exam though.

On a more serious note, there are so many aspects of migrating data that is very difficult to have a good short answer to this question. A sign of this problem’s complexity is the wide range of companies and products trying to solve ETL.

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