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Presentation: More Couch

Here are my notes on Angel Pizarro’s “CouchDB: Sectional Sofa Edition” presentation.

  • ACID & MVCC guarantees on a per-document basis
    • MVCC: Multi-Version concurrency control
    • instead of locks, CouchDB just serves up old data
  • MapReduce model for indexing and views
  • Back-ups and replication are simple:
    • backup: copy the database files
    • replication: a special POST request
  • CouchDB assumes:
    • each document is completely independent and should be self-sufficient
    • operations across documents are not ACID; multi-document (multi-row) transactional semantics must be handled by the app
    • you can live with slightly stale data being served to clients
  • CouchDB uses B+ Tree with append only
  • CouchDB: eventual consistency and horizontally scalable

As there is no video or audio accompanying the slides, I am still a bit confused about the last part of the presentation on “Distributed CouchDB Datastores” (slide 60), as I cannot say what is and what is not supported by CouchDB.