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Yahoo is Focusing on Apache Hadoop discontinues “The Yahoo Distribution of Hadoop”

This is big:

Yahoo! has decided to discontinue the “The Yahoo Distribution of Hadoop” and focus on Apache Hadoop. We plan to remove all references to a Yahoo distribution from our website (, close our github repo ( and focus on working more closely with the Apache community. Our intent is to return to helping Apache produce binary releases of Apache Hadoop that are so bullet proof that Yahoo and other production Hadoop users can run them unpatched on their clusters.

What does this mean? Off the top of my head:

  • every Apache Hadoop user will benefit directly from Yahoo!’s Hadoop extensive expertise, testing, and improvements (nb: not only is Yahoo! the creator of Hadoop but it is running the largest Hadoop clusters out there)
  • probably Cloudera will have to refocus on creating even better Hadoop tools packages

Hats off, again, to Yahoo-ers!

Original title and link: Yahoo is Focusing on Apache Hadoop discontinues “The Yahoo Distribution of Hadoop” (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)