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The Provenance of Data, Data Branding and "Big Data" Hype

Others are definitely better at naming things than I am:

The credibility of where data comes from in all these “big data” plays is absolutely crucial. Waving hands re “algorithms” won’t cut it.  @nealrichter Jan 27, 1010 Tweet

To expand on this tweet here’s the argument:  If one of your key products as a startup or business is to “crunch data” and derive or extract value from it then you should be concerned about data provenance.  This is true whether you are crunching your own data or third-party data.

I’ve raised these questions and a couple more in Big Data Marketplaces: The Future?

Original title and link: The Provenance of Data, Data Branding and “Big Data” Hype (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)