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Introduction to MongoDB Screencast

The people at Teach Me to Code have published a 3 part screencast about MongoDB. The episodes are covering the following aspects:

  • CRUD operations using MongoDB shell
  • creating a Ruby application that accesses MongoDB
  • using MongoMapper (see NoSQL libraries) with your Rails app and MongoDB

You can watch the complete series below (episodes are 13min, 21min and respectively 10min long. Also make sure you check Michael Dirolf’s Introduction to MongoDB.

Introduction to MongoDB: CRUD operation using MongoDB shell

Introduction to MongoDB: building a Sinatra based app interacting with MongoDB

Introduction to MongoDB: Rails and MongoMapper

The videos are also available for download (see the reference section). And you can always watch more NoSQL videos by using the video tag.

And while we are at document stores, I’d encourage to also check Riak Presentations and Screencasts