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New Redis Libraries

Silver: database cacher, indexer and searcher

Probably because Silver was released by a publisher, this new open source library got some press today:

Enter Silver. Silver is designed to be a simple, lightweight wrapper for all your calls to a database that you want to cache or index with Redis. It is completely database/web-service agnostic so you should be able to use if for anything you can imagine caching.

Couple of thoughts about this new Ruby library:

  • it is not a transparent caching layer that can be used in your application. Basically you’ll have to rewrite your app to use it.
  • there is not way to update the cache
  • the indexer is — in their own words — “stupidly simple fuzzy text search”

Project is hosted on GitHub.

redis-store: Redis-backed Tomcat session store

Definitely not benefiting from the same media buzz, Jonathan Leibiusky pushed to GitHub a Redis-backed Tomcat session store. Plugging this into your Tomcat would require just updating the conf/server.xml:

<Manager className="org.apache.catalina.session.PersistentManager" saveOnRestart="true" maxActiveSessions="1" minIdleSwap="1" maxIdleSwap="1" maxIdleBackup="1">
    <Store className="org.apache.catalina.session.RedisStore" 

Tomcat default session store is disk, so if your app is a heavy session users, you’ll probably see a boost in performance[1].

  1. For the moment I haven’t tried this myself and I suppose it’ll need some extensive testing before going into production.  

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