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NoSQL Week in Review 4

Ho Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to the fourth installment of the NoSQL Week In Review! Even if this part of the year is a bit slower than the rest, there have been quite a few interesting things we got covered here on MyNoSQL.

As per one of my questions to the NoSQL community in the 2nd edition of NoSQL Week in Review, this last week I have created a special page to track NoSQL Libraries. The page will remain an ongoing effort as there are a lot of things happening in the NoSQL space. For making it easy to use and reference I have added a link to this page on the right bar menu and I have made all the page sections bookmarkable (by using the pound sign associated with every section) so it will be extremely easy to share it with your colleagues/friends.

Talking about the right bar menu, as you can see in the small screenshot below, I have also added a quick way to access all editions of NoSQL week in review.

And with that let’s start the NoSQL Week in Review Part 4.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Drizzle Replication: Opening the Doors to Hybrid Solutions
  2. Bringing NoSQL to the people: Now Django
  3. MongoDB vs CouchDB
  4. CouchDB vs MongoDB: An attempt for a More Informed Comparison
  5. MongoHub: A MongoDB UI for Mac
  6. HBase vs. BigTable Comparison
  7. Blog Engine Based on MongoDB
  8. CouchDB Full Text Indexing Prototype and Riak Search
  9. Fun: Can Your NoSQL Store Play Chess?
  10. Hadoop and MapReduce: Method for Reading and Writing General Record Structures

I was surprised to see that two of my favorite posts haven’t made it to the top: Geo NoSQL: CouchDB, MongoDB, and Tokyo Cabinet and Running a CouchDB cluster on Amazon EC2

As a final note, I haven’t included in this section the new NoSQL Libraries page, even if it got quite some traffic proving that it might be a good idea to have it over here on MyNoSQL.

New NoSQL Releases

As a sign that this was a slow week, the only NoSQL project release we’ve had this week is:

NoSQL Week in Review

In the end, I would like to apologize to all of you if MyNoSQL, in its still short life, and myself have disappointed you in any ways. There are only a few things I can learn myself from the statistics, so please do not hesitate to send me your feedback (good and bad), so we can make together a better and more useful MyNoSQL!

My best wishes to you, your families and everybody else!